‘Stars Route’ lights up the Farmers’ Market

Gastronomic festival’s opening event set to take place in Funchal on March 24th.



The 8th edition of the ‘Stars Route’ gastronomic festival opens March 24th in Funchal’s iconic fish square in the Farmers’ Market with the ‘Madeira Terroir’ event.
The festival, known for gathering Michelin star awarded chefs every year, will open with a buffet dinner – ‘Madeira Terroir’. According to an official press release, over 20 chefs spread over 18 stalls will come together in a relaxed atmosphere fit for high gastronomy for a ‘ fusion of high quality gastronomy, oenology, music and performance’.

The Il Gallo D’Oro’s Chef Benoîth Sinthon (2 Michelin stars) from The Cliff Bay (PortoBay Hotels & Resorts) and Chef Luis Pestana (1 Michelin Star) from the Belmond Reid’s Palace’s very own William restaurant (Belmond Ltd.) will also be joining the event ‘to pay tribute to and provide a very special interpretation of local products’.
The festival will go on between the 25th and 28th of March at the Il Gallo D’Oro. Three tasting dinners with the presence of 11 national and international chefs, most Michelin star recipients, who will accompany Benoît Sinthon.

The six courses comprising each of the tasting menus will be paired with Portuguese wines suggested by some of the country’s top sommeliers. Special guests comprise António Lopes, Miguel Martins, João Chambel, Francisco Marques and Nuno Jorge.

Between the 23rd and the 24th, the festival’s spotlight shifts to the William restaurant, awarded its first Michelin star in 2016.

Each dinner service is to be preceded by a ‘Champagne Cocktail’ with the invited chefs present at the event.

The Stars Route Festival runs across Portugal, from North to South, and since its inception in 2010 it has brought over 60 Chefs from all over the world to Madeira.This year, for the first time, the Festival will also travel to Brazil.


Meet the Chefs who will be at the ‘Madeira Terroir’ opening event.

Diego Guerrero (DStage . Madrid . 2 Michelin stars)

Pepe Solla (Casa Solla . Valencia . 1 Michelin star)

Javier Olleros (Culler de Pau . Galicia . 2 Michelin stars)

Henrique Sá Pessoa (Alma .Lisbon . 1 Michelin star)

Sergi Arola ( LAB . Sintra . 1 Michelin star)

Alexandre Silva (Loco . Lisbon 1 Michelin star)

Vítor Matos (Antiqvvm . Oporto . 1 Michelin star)

David Faure (Aphrodite . France)

Paulo Morais (Rabo d'Pêxe . Lisbon)

Olivier Barbarin (Château d'Audrieu . France)

Claire Verneil (Consulting Chef . France)

Noélia (Noélia & Jerónimo . Tavira)

Paula Peliteiro (Sra Peliteiro . Esposende)

Meet the guest chefs who will be at the Il Galo d’Oro restaurant:

Dieter Koschina (Vila Joya . 2 stars . Albufeira)

Hans Neuner (Ocean . 2 stars . Porches)

Ricardo Costa (The Yeatman . 2 stars . Oporto)

Alexandre Silva (Loco . 1 star . Lisbon)

Sergi Arola (Lab . 1 star . Sintra)

Luís Pestana (William . 1 star . Funchal)

Henrique Sá Pessoa (Alma . 1 star . Lisbon)

Claire Verneil (Consulting Chef. France)

Matteo Ferrantino (Bianc . Hamburg)

Fabien N´Guyen (Ritz Four Seasons . Lisbon)