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Twenty years ago, Casa Velha do Palheiro turned over a new leaf as it opened its doors as a hotel for the first time in 200 years of history.


Albert II, Prince of Monaco, is the most recent name in the long list of distinguished visitors of Casa Velha do Palheiro. He had lunch here last September and added another page to the history of this estate. Hospitality has been a mainstay of this property for more than 200 years, long before it opened as a hotel.

The story of Quinta do Palheiro began in 1801 when João José Sá Machado ordered the construction of a house and gardens, mainly to support hunting.

In 1817, the estate is host to Maria Leopoldina of Austria, future Queen of Portugal and Empress Consort of Brazil. Other big names also figure in the list such as those of Portuguese royals D. Carlos and D. Amélia, who visited in 1901, or more recently, in 2015, Prince Edward of England and his wife Sophie, the Duchess of Wessex, or the President of Portugal, Mário Soares, in 1987.

Opening to the public as a hotel in 1997 was only natural for the building which has been managed by the British Blandy family since the 19th century. It was John Burden Blandy who acquired the estate.

This is the only hotel in Madeira that is a part of the Relais & Chateaux organisation. It boasts over 32 rooms and 5 suites which were all renovated for its reopening as a hotel. Its 20th anniversary has been celebrated through a variety of discounts and special events. Also part of the estate is the award-winning 18 hole golf course and a resort area with flats and villas.