Blandy’s Wine Festival 2017

Blandy’s Madeira and Vinhos Barbeito launch new Madeiras in a festival dedicated to wine. 

The wine producers Madeira Wine Company and Vinhos Barbeito launch on the 8th of September new Madeira wines. The initiative is part of the festivities related to the Wine Festival, which this year takes place from the 5th to 9th of September. 

For a total of five days, locals and tourists alike enjoy the opportunity to visit Blandy’s vineyards, tread grapes together with a folk group, take part in presentations and Madeiran table wine tastings, create their own batch of Blandy’s Madeira Wine, witness the launch of new Madeiras, as well as experience non-stop entertainment provided by musical and theatre performances. 

This edition of one of Madeira's most popular tourist events of the year, which pays tribute to this nectar and its socioeconomic relevance, begins on August 27th and runs until September 10th.

Have a look at the event’s programme:

Tuesday, September 5th:

10:00 - Visit to Blandy’s Vineyard @ Quinta de Santa Luzia - Funchal (25€)
12:30 - Charcuterie and Wine Pairing Lunch (25€) 
16:30 - Grape Treading with Folklore Group (Free) 

Wednesday, September 6th:

12:30 - Lunch - Madeira Wine and Food (45€) 
15:30 - Presentation and Tasting of Madeiran Table Wines (5€) 
19:00 - Dinner All About Madeira (70€) 

Thursday, September 7th:

10:30 - Become a Winemaker for a Day (10€) 
16:30 - Grape Treading with Folklore Group (Free) 

Friday, September 8th:

11:00 - Visit | Sommelier Workshop | Picnic (35€) 
17:00 - Blandy’s Madeira & Vinhos Barbeito - Launch of New Madeira Wines (Free) 
20:00 - Gourmet Dinner - Crazy Pairing (70€) 

Saturday, September 9th:

15:00 - Mixology Contest - Cocktails with Madeira Wine (Free) 
19:00 - Blandy’s Wine Festival (50€)