From Munich to Madeira

Born in Brazil and raised in Madeira. Taia Tulher is the cover of the new edition of Essential Madeira Islands.

Fotos: 4Affection Agency

The magazine Essential Madeira Islands presents model Natália Tulher Soares in this issue no. 64, October / November. A 21 year old born in Brazil, she has lived in Portugal since she was 5 and considers herself Madeiran. Fashion has always captivated her. For this model, currently living in Munich, "the love for fashion was born in me since I was very young, it was something that caught my attention, captivated me ever since I’ve known myself. There is no greater passion, no greater dream."

She followed her fashion idol, the Brazilian international model, Adriana Lima closely. At the age of 11, she is able to fulfil her desire to be a model and has spent the ensuing 10 years building a career for which she is willing to keep fighting. 



Taia Tulher was already doing photo shoots and some fashion shows when she was found by her current agency, 4Affction Agency, and she maintains a part time job that proves to be difficult to reconcile. Natália says "it's always good to have a fixed salary, which is not the case in the world of fashion." She has worked with Portuguese celebrities and has already done a job for Claudia Schiffer's socks thought she regrets not having met her in person.

Despite living in the city of Munich, Germany, this takes every chance she can to travel.