A new entrepreneurial issue

Read issue No. 85 of the Essential Madeira Islands magazine here


Issue No. 85 of the Essential Madeira Islands magazine brings with it a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Madeira is a destination renowned for its high number of returning visitors. Some even live here for part of the year. That, coupled with the weather and the also high numbers of Madeirans around the World opens the space for real estate investment and projects have been turning up. In this issue, we went and explored some.

This issue captures a great deal of diversity, which comes easy in these islands. We visit Monte and its romanticism; we explore the past through a postcard collection; we present you the new Next, a hotel bountiful in high-tech; we reveal to you the beauty of the tide pools of Porto das Salemas, in Porto Santo; we show you the secrets hidden in the landscape of Calheta; we pry open the doors to the heritage of Ponta do Sol, and we tell you about cultural fusion in Santa Cruz. But we also give the stage to two of Madeira's most iconic products: the famous wine and the also historical rum.

There is many a reason to spend some pleasant moments in our company. We're counting on you! Good reads!

You can read the new issue of the Essential Madeira Islands Magazine here.