The authentic Pilates on the island of Madeira

The Pilates Method is a complete system of exercises with movements, postures, appliances, and accessories that seeks to develop three aspects of human nature: body, mind, and spirit.


Joseph H. Pilates, the creator of Contrology, the true name of the Pilates Method, advocated the quality of life, balance, prevention, and healing of the human body by exercise, for any stage of life.


Today, on the island of Madeira, we are privileged to celebrate the First Anniversary of the Centre of 'Pilates António Craveiro - The Studio Funchal' and 'Teacher Training Centre in the context of Classical / Authentic Pilates'.

António Craveiro was born and lived much of his life in the city of Porto. Another part of his life was spent on the island of Madeira. He studied and worked in Funchal for 10 years.  He graduated with a Master of Sports Sciences (FADEUP) and studied 'Clinical Pilates' at the ‘Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute’. He was also trained by the Second Generation of the Pilates Method.

This specialist in Contrology has been dedicating his life to the human body study in the areas of caring, health, and fitness. Prof. António Craveiro is acknowledged as an international, national and regional reference in this discipline.

With two Pilates Centres in Porto, he decided, in 2019, to seek quality of life, and chose to return to his beloved island of Madeira to continue to develop his passion and mission: the Art of Contrology. Constantly refining his skills and increasing his knowledge in the authentic and unique Pilates Method, António Craveiro is today a connoisseur who feeds his eager desire to know more, so that he may provide excellence and better serve all those who seek him to take care of their most precious asset: their body.

In the words of this Professor: "Pilates is clearly gymnastics of the future- a lifelong gym. It is a complete form of physical and mental exercise for any condition and any age!"


At the end of each session with his apprentices, he makes a reflection, and his greatest satisfaction is to witness the transformations of each person who trusts in his work. "My mission is to transform bodies, minds, and lives. Contribute to improving the physical and mental conditions of those who seek me", says Professor António Craveiro.

Pilates is an elite method, a high=quality service based on scientific techniques, knowledge, and essential results for the maintenance of quality of life.



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