From the love of makeup to fashion

Fernanda Dias was born in Brazil and is the cover of Essential.


Born in Maringá, Brazil, Natália Fernanda Dias Ortiz has nurtured a passion for the world of makeup and fashion from very early on in her life.

She started working at age 14 in a cosmetics store, but always made it a point to have her professional development meet her academic preparation in her hometown. After completing secondary education, she chose to join the Faculty of Aesthetics and Cosmetology. However, dedicating herself soulfully to the area she had been working in since age 15 eventually led her to abandon her studies.

Nowadays Fernanda collaborates in the local broadcasting channel, RTP-Madeira, as makeup artist and hairdresser. She tells Essential the story of how her interest in fashion gradually came to be over the course of her career in makeup through working in fashion events. She had the opportunity to meet and work with several celebrities including Leticia Spiller, Fabiana Karla, Adriana Bombom, Henri Castelli, among others.

Although makeup is her true passion, she manages to balance it out with fashion, which she sees as a hobby. And that is why the cover for Essential was a surprise and a unique experience.

Whenever possible, she enjoys trying things out in the kitchen and getting some exercise, walking by the sea, as well. Travelling is another of her favourite things to do and she highlights Paris as the most important trip she has ever done, because she fell in love with its architecture and the city is a reference in the fashion world.

The 28-year-old ends by revealing that leaving Brazil was a huge step towards changing who she was. "It made me grow and become the person I am today. I never stopped fighting for my dreams and trying for new conquests."