Justino's Madeira Sercial wins award

Justino's Madeira Wine brings home yet another award, this time from Spain.

Justinos Sercial-Verdelho

The V Edition of MonoVino 2018 (a competition that awards the best single-varietal wines of the market) was held on January 26th, at the premises of the Escuela Espanhola de Cata, in Madrid.

This competition, sponsored by the Spanish Association for Beverage Competitions (ASECONBE), had more than 30 different wineries I attendance, including from Spain and Chile, as well as Madeira’s very own Justino’s - the only Portuguese representative to participate. Out of a total of 226 samples from 25 production regions, 8 Great Gold medals, 49 Gold medals and 11 Silver medals were awarded.

Both of the wines presented by Justino's won a medal in the category of Rich and Sweet Wines. Justino's 10 Year Madeira Sercial received a Great Gold Medal and Justino's Madeira Verdelho got a Gold Medal.

The organization made a note in its official press release stating that the registered quality has been increasing compared to previous years. Thus, these results show that the individual character of a wine and its quality rests essentially on the type of grape that is used in its production. They add that all medal winners can be proud to be the best in their respective varieties available on the market.