The Time to mix

This year’s Spring-Summer collections are chomping at the bit.


From lace nightgowns or pleated asymmetrical dresses, to hippie- friendly ethnic-inspired suggestions, the latest trends tend towards a retro or vintage sense of style, where almost anything is possible. Sport makes an almost abusive appearance in some collections, otherwise known for their conservative styling, and now flaunting a presumable irreverence, in which more stylised lines are joined by unlikely detailing, such as baseball caps, dinner suit style trousers in American polar fleece with elastic waistbands and pull-strings. Disproportionate symmetries lead to a more relaxed posture, composed of small, more classic suggestions, such as the Chanel jacket/bolero.

But trends are also focusing on the pure image of the 1970s, a richer and confused hippie, rich in appliqués and colourful ethnic prints, favouring the blend of textures and vibrant patterns, which should be overlapped, creating a hallucinogenic mixture (Miu Miu).

Grunge and trashy elements are fearlessly revealed, taking on an androgynous/ CHANEL masculine image, in a would-be attitude of irreverence and possible shock, which ends up resulting in a revival of sorts, appealing to the personality of anyone adopting these more alternative styles (Louis Vuitton). Indeed, the trend for this spring-summer is a mishmash of many trends, retreating to a recent past and attempting to revive a look inferring ‘artisticness’, full of information that might result in a non-trend, possibly on purpose, or drift into an intentionally tacky construction, or not!!! Providing alternatives for the varying niches and tribes is ultimately the powerful intention of the leading fashion houses, revealing that the current global trend is right for everyone, irrespective of style, taste or body shape. 

But, the importance of accessories must be stressed, exuberant, in some cases, discreet, in others. Gucci offers a series of ideas to use and abuse, bringing even more life to looks that are already highly regarded, whether for their materials, their colours or asymmetry. Shoes should have platform heels and be half-open, half-closed, bringing to mind the wild and wacky 1970s, which the recently-departed English legend, David Bowie, often wore, creating a very particular and provocative style.

Oversize goes head-to-head with slim, squares work with stripes, short with long. Sensuality is given more potential through lower-cut suggestions and more flowing fabrics, leaving little to the imagination. Above all else, SS 2016 collections appeal to the good sense and natural beauty of anyone who knows how to look at the trend and apply it in the best way. If you’re lacking in styling inspiration, get out your old family albums and get creative!