Galatrixa in the bottle

Chef Octávio Freitas launched a Madeiran white with grapes from the tourist property he owns in Calheta

In the Portuguese spoken in the most hidden places in Madeira, and among the less literate people, the small lizard that is abundantly found in Madeira, the Lagartixa, is called Galatrixa. It was the inspiration for the chef Octávio Freitas to name the first wine produced from the Socalco Nature Calheta, the tourist property where the well-known Madeira gastronome bet on planting vineyards.

The Galatrixa also serves to launch Octávio Freitas Winery, which promises to launch more labels in the coming years.

For now, 1,750 bottles of this blend between Verdelho, Malvasia Fina (Bual), and Folgasão (Terrantez) have been bottled. The vines are new, planted at the time of the opening of Socalco in 2020.

It is a crystalline wine, citrus-colored, with an intense aroma, with floral notes, and tropical fruit, especially pineapple and banana. It is fresh in the mouth, enveloping and persistent, with balanced acidity.


The vineyards, planted in terraces, at an altitude of about 100 meters and about 200 meters from the sea, have extreme sun exposure. They are certified vineyards, with sustainable production.

Octávio Freitas intends Galatrixa to be a tribute to Madeira and its identity. The small reptile endemic to Madeira, the Lagartixa, is a frequent presence among the vines, being the first to taste the grapes still in the early stages of ripening.

This wine is another achievement of this chef who considers himself connected to the land and traditions. The chef says he is "very proud" of this wine and explains that Galatrixa is linked to the Socalco tourist unit since the vineyards mark the landscape of the agricultural property with 8 houses and a block of 10 rooms. It is a concept in which guests are invited, if they wish, to participate in the estate’s activities.

The bottle is made of 100 percent recycled glass, which shows concern for sustainability. The label is a reproduction of the scales of the lizard.

A few years ago, Octávio Freitas launched the OF wine, of which he is the wine selector. It is produced in mainland Portugal, from grapes selected by the chef, Galatrixa is the first from Madeira.