Nómada: the art of creating with calm

It is a store that brings together several talents and brings together two dozen artists who can display and sell their creations here

The Nómada project became a reality in December 2021, but the idea had already been in Débora Araújo's soul since 2019. A trained architect and after a period in the job market, she quickly realized that she did not fit in the way architecture projects were seen.

At 28, and without fear, she decided to open a cozy store in Madalenas, in Santo António, where she unites architecture, her greatest passion, with the work of local artisans. The space serves as a showcase for what is best made in Madeira in craftsmanship, in particular, and in art in general. The goal is simple: to exhibit objects created with heart and calm.


In this sense, the entrepreneur says that Nómada is a harvest of various inspirations, places, and people. "It is a state of mind, where a free and creative heart can give wings to its imagination and simply create. We can travel in time without really leaving the place, and that's what I often find myself doing," she says, stressing that his project aims to be "a house" of art, where any artist can enter.

Currently she already has 19 partnerships with Madeiran artists, a milestone she never thought she would reach in so few months. The studio has been a success, and the architect reveals that "it's a pleasure to work with such creative people, who in their own way add a lot to the Nómada concept". It is a store of "unique pieces made by local artists".


It is with a satisfied smile that she talks about her relationship with the artists she works with. "For the artisans it's wonderful to be able to actually do what fulfills them, because in most cases their main work is another. At Nómada they can have a physical place to show and divulge their art, and this is very enriching," says Débora Araújo.

This different and innovative concept in the Region has not gone unnoticed. The "feedback has been incredible", says the entrepreneur.

Débora Araújo emphasizes that she sees art as a trip to the interior of each human being. "People can personalize and have at home a unique artistic object. That's what moves me", she concludes.