A different picnic

Wicker baskets, local food and being in touch with Nature: Lá Fora Picnic's suggestion.

Pastry chef Joana Gonçalves thought about creating the perfect picnic: "The idea is to motivate the consumption of the local products", also bringing to socialize and be in touch with Nature, she tells Essential.

Lá Fora Picnic is a service with several options. Initially conceived for two people, it can be adapted to a whole family. The menu includes artisanal bread, butter, a selection of cheeses and sausages, a cream cheese and tomato galette, Greek salad, pickled octopus, a selection of fruit, banana bread, chocolate cookie, passion fruit macaroons, scented water and coffee, and Atlantis Rosé wine, 'fruit of a partnership with Blandy's', explains Joana Gonçalves.

Further combinations are possible, a shorter menu having recently been created to that effect. Friic, Joana Gonçalves's brand also prepares baskets with brunch for those who want to watch the sunrise anywhere on the island. 'We also prepare lunch boxes for groups who want to take tours of the island or for events', the pastry chef explains.

The picnic arrives prepared and ready to be carried: 'baskets are supplied with towels, dishware, napkins, corkscrews, and residue bags and are made out of wicker by local craftsmen, all the materials having been decided on in terms of sustainability. No single-use plastic materials are used and that is why the materials are collected after being used'.