On the wave of discovery

A boat ride on Porto Santo can provide a unique experience and a different opportunity to get to know the island

A little over 600 years ago, the explorers João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira were discovering a small island that has been, with each passing year, more talked about and desired around the world as a golden paradise.

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Porto Santo is the ideal place for a quiet vacation, especially for those who love boat trips, in this exotic mix of sea and mountain.

For those who like to be in the sea, in the adventure of the waves, the boat trips get to know the main maritime reference points while, with some luck, they also make it possible to sight cetaceans.

Crystal clear waters, incredible cliffs, and pure immersion in nature are some of the features that the boat tours offer on the island, and those who try them never forget this adventure of the senses guided by the sensation of freedom.


Martim Henriques, responsible for the Tanto Faz Sail Me company, says that the activities on the sea are aimed at both children and adults. "From families with small children to older couples without children, they all look for us. Just recently we had a 10-month-old baby on board," he explains, pointing out that the average age of those seeking this type of adventure is between 30 and 35 years old. In recent years, due to the pandemic crisis, national tourists have been the most frequent when it comes to demand. However, German and English tourists are the nationalities that most seek this type of experience on the high seas.

Having operated for six years in the Porto-Santiago market, the Tanto Faz Sail Me company provides activities such as snorkeling, an intimate way of exploring the bottom of the sea and of getting to know the marine fauna in a deeper way, in the middle of a unique silence that only the ocean makes possible.

The boat tours also allow sailing, that is, just sailing through the immensity of the sea and relaxing, one of the greatest desires for those who seek these activities.