Embroidery on your Christmas table

For the third consecutive year, Bordal promotes the tradition of having Madeira Embroidery on the Christmas table.

Madeira Embroidery sits features among the many details that are part of the Christmas tradition on the island. This artisanal creation has gained traction as a symbol of quality and tradition at the dining table and still today it is made by hand.

On the basis of this idea, Bordal is holding the ‘Christmas Tables’ exhibition at the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre until January 5th and Madeiran Embroidery takes centre stage.

Hotel and decorators were invited for this year’s edition to take up the challenge of sharing different views of how this product can serve as a centre piece for the decorations of a Christmas table. The result illustrates the enormous versatility of embroidery, a craft that adapts very well to more traditional as well as more contemporary approaches to dining table décor.

This initiative marks a further step by Bordal in the path of associating innovation with Madeiran embroidery. The firm has existed since 1962 and has had Susana Vacas and João Vacas as business partners since 1998. Together they have dedicated themselves to innovating and adapting this traditional product to modern times.

The firm exports to the entire World and also maintains two storefronts and the factory where the Madeira embroidery historical route was created in 2014. The route takes visitors on a journey through the entire production process through objects and photographs.