A new guide for events in Madeira

“Madeira Yearly Events 2018” collects the main initiatives for the archipelago.


Its name is ‘Madeira Yearly Events 2018’. The outcome of a project by the Promotion Association in collaboration with the association of towns in Madeira, this is the tourist destination’s first events guide.

The hardcopy edition seeks to collect the main events of the official tourism agenda in a single document, along with the events of each of the 11 municipalities of Madeira. The first edition is available in Portuguese and English and can be found in tourism promotion fairs where Madeira participates. The guide is also available in digital format.

The ‘Madeira Yearly Events 2018’ shows not only that there is a plethora of events happening in the region but also that many of the most relevant 
ones actually take place outside Funchal.