Stay home now, visit us later.

For now, dream online.

We are all more connected now than ever before!

What connects us is the Covid-19 pandemic which every country in the World is fighting on a daily basis.

What binds us together, more than the fight against the virus is hope, resilience.

We shall return stronger, more united, and with more to show and to offer.

For now, while the situation does now allow for Essential Madeira Islands to get to you in the traditional hardcopy format, we will be using our website and social media to stay connected to you and help you to keep on dreaming of the day when we will return to our normal everyday lives.

We believe this day will come soon!

So keep an eye out on our website, where we will always have something interesting for you to read and to help you plan your holidays.

For now, we are sharing the initiative of Turismo da Madeira, who have shared a video inviting people to explore Madeira through online platforms for now, so that both Madeirans and tourists can keep dreaming and planning for a rerisen Madeira, with much to discover and explore. To watch the video, click HERE.

Stay where you are! We will be with you!