Fun in 3D

The 3D FUN ART project is a different space in Funchal, blending art with fun in an offer for the entire family.

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Imagine being devoured by a shark, stepping in a ballerina’s shoes, hanging upside down, or having your head served on a platter. Difficult? What if we were to tell you that you can come out unscathed of all these experiences, with but a memory of many a laugh?

Weird as it sound, one can do it. At Rua Do Surdo No. 24, in Funchal, 3D FUN ART offers all this and much more. It is unique and interactive, a different and innovative museum. It is an alternative offer of fun art, and educational as well.

With about 40 different sets, this space essentially capitalises on optical illusion. Between 3D images on the wall, and anamorphic images on the ground, the visitor’s interaction with the set is essential, as well as taking a camera to record these moments and create a bit of… magic.

The manager, Lara Hein, talks of how the idea was ‘the fruit of several travels and places’ she visited. The project started to take shape after three years of collecting information. Another motive was the wish to create their ‘own business allied to a more creative side’. Wanting to create something essentially ‘innovative’.

There are paintings as well as sets where illusion operates at the level of perspective on size, for instance, where one person looks giant, the other look small; or with inverted sets, where the photo shows people hanging upside down. In each room there are various motives and suggestions for how optical illusion can work, but the visitor is invited to explore their own creativity.

There are also several historical figures who are part of the sets, like Van Gogh, where one plays the role of his doctor or even tasting a wine served by God in the creation of Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’.

This space promises to offer plenty of fun blended with science and is adequate for all ages.

Prices range between 9 euros for adults, and 7 euros for children aged 5 to 12 years old. There are also family discount offers.


Article written in December 2019. (Issue no. 77, December/January)