Perfect pair

UauCacau and Blandy's Madeira suggest pairing chocolate with Madeira Wine.

UauCacau and Blandy's Madeira have combined their efforts to create four chocolate truffles that can, and should be tasted with Madeira wine.

This new creation was presented on Friday March 26th by UauCacau's master chocolatier Tony Fernandes and Blandy's Madeira's oenologist Francisco Albuquerque.

Caramel and salt flower truffle, walnut truffle, passionfruit truffle and spices truffle are the flavours chosen to be paired with Blandy's Sercial, Blandy's Verdelho, Blandy's Bual and Blandy's Malvasia, respectively.

At the presentation, Francisco Albuquerque mentioned that this is a way to add value to both products. 'Food pairing is more and more a theme in which people are interested. And truth be told, chocolate with Madeira wine is almost perfect', he said.

Sold as a pack, or separately, this regional creation can be bought from the stores of both brands.