Embroidery in Paris and Milan

Madeiran Embroidery will be represented in Maison et Objet and HOMI until the end of September.

The Regional Bureau of Agriculture and Fishing, through the Institue of Wine, Embroidery and Crafts of Madeira, the IP-RAM, and in a partnership with the firms Eduardo de Sousa , Lda and Soebol Lda. Is promoting Madeiran Embroidery in two international fairs in September.

The prestigious Maison et Objet international fair is going to stay in Paris from between the 3rd and 8th of September. It is considered a reference among lifestyle professionals. Decorators, designers and many furniture businesses from all around the world are usually in Paris for this fair.

Between the 12th and 15th of September, Madeiran Embroidery will be, for the first time, at the HOMI fair, in Milan. Dedicated to lifestyle, this fair focuses on design and elegance both for the home and for the individual person.

By being present at these fairs, Madeira intends to strengthen and consolidate its traditional markets, as are the French and Italian markets, in what concerns the exportation of Madeiran Embroidery to the European Union. Last year, Italy was the number exportation market and France was number three.