Johanna Glaza at the L Concerts

The concert will be on the 12th of September.

Estalagem da Ponta do Sol is ready to receive Johanna Glaza’s angel-like voice on the 12th of September, at 21:45.

Though she is London-born, it was in New York that Johanna became a part of the world of music. She now spreads the musicality of Baroque Folk, between non-linear lyrics, unexpected bridges and sudden changes of melody.

This artist from London seduces by using the melody of her suave and harmonious voice, set to the sound of either the ukulele or the piano, in songs such as ‘Letter to New York’ and ‘Paper Window’.

As with recent years, in attempt of the organizers to maintain the intimacy of the event, those interested in attending are asked to forward the names to the guest list. Minimum consumption is six euros.

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