Pedal your way to heaven

Bicicool, an 18 seater bicycle, wants to conquer the streets of Funchal.

What if you could get to know downtown Funchal whilst you pedal along and drink a beer with your friends? This is all possible thanks be to Bicicool, a bicycle which allows you to discover the city comfortably.

Vítor Melim speaks of how the idea came from his partner Mário Aguiar who saw the vehicle in Lisbon and “was eager to bring it over to the island”. Years later, that dream came true.

At present, tours only run in downtown Funchal and last between forty-five and sixty minutes. It all depends on the “determination with which you pedal.”

The bicycle has a maximum seating capacity for 18 people however it is currently being used with fourteen for “reasons of comfort”. The minimum number of people required for the “machine to run” is eight people.

The company’s opening campaign has tours priced at 10€ with three complimentary drinks.

Throughout Europe it is commonly known as “Beer Bike” hence the beer culture associated to these vehicles. However, other regional drinks are served “aboard” to adapt to the local market.

Vítor Melim reveals that the current aim is to start working the best way possible. Afterwards, feet firmly set on the pedals, “the sky is the limit”.