From Denmark to Porto Santo

Fighting its seasonality, the golden Island now bets on a new charter operation starting next December.


The Island of Porto Santo is now making preparations for a winter charter operation departing from Denmark, next December. The connection is made through the country’s second largest airport, in the city of Billung, better known as the headquarters for Lego.

Details regarding this operation were  released in a press conference on October the 7th. Attending this conference were the Regional Secretary for the Economy, Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, as well as journalists and Danish travel agents.

This seasonal connection to Billund – Denmark’s second largest airport – will be made on a weekly basis (on Fridays) through an A320 aeroplane with a capacity for 180 passengers. Estimates suggest that, to and from Porto Santo, the airline may transport a total of 2300 passengers. Starting February 2016, this offer is to be complemented by a second weekly flight from Copenhagen.

This connection is intended as a means of fighting seasonality and enhancing the offer for that time of the year. The operation is developed by Primo Tours Operator and is the result of a program of support and development to more rustic aerial routes to the island of Porto Santo.

Supporting this program are the Madeira Promotion Bureau, ANA, and some hoteliers of Porto Santo.

According to a press release by the Regional Office for the Economy, Tourism and Culture, 13,662 Danish tourists entered the Region in the first semester of 2015, which translated to 107 thousand overnight stays in the region. Compared to the figures of the previous year, there were growths of 27% and 24%, respectively.