Madeira as a vacation destination

The region is strengthening its position in many markets through Madeira Promotion Association with the purpose of increasing sales for next winter.

Together with various strategic markets, the Madeira Promotion Bureau launches a set of initiatives, mostly in digital platforms and supports, so as to strengthen Madeira’s positioning as a year-round destination.

From the 1st of October to the end of November, Madeira’s image will be promoted in a partnership with TAP that will have the image of the island being disseminated through Facebook and also through emails.

In dealing with the German market, Madeira will have the support of Tripadvisor through the display of banners which, when clicked upon, will redirect visitors to a specific webpage about Madeira. This action started last summer and will run until February 2016.

For the British market, the option was again to display banners, between September and New Year’s on Holliday Weather’s website.

By putting its best effort online, the region means to seduce potential visitors and keep in line with the latest trends of its consumers.