Ronaldo promotes Madeira

The famous footballer showed some of the activities his Island has to offer on his facebook page.

Cristiano Ronaldo decided to “help” in promoting Madeira as a destination with a facebook post that explores the advantages, and activities, the Island has to offer.

In the message he left his followers, Ronaldo invites them to explore “his” island through a variety of activities such as hiking, diving and canyoning. He also challenged them to: “Prepare for the adventure and explore Madeira”.

When Essential accessed the post, twenty two hours after it was made, about 150,220 thousand people had liked it and 1828 shared it.

In the comment section, many people described the island as an “extremely beautiful place” and that it would be an adventure to “explore, dive and walk” through its “natural beauty”.

Other, still, promised to visit the island just because Ronaldo “likes” it… What can be said for sure is that this footballer, followed by more than 100 million people, and with a statue erected in Madeira in his honour, is one of the most followed sportsmen in the world and as such, this post can be said to be a powerful “weapon” to promote the island.