Acosta wears “Socks made of glass”

On the November the 5th, the Electricity Museum will host a new exhibition.

At 6p.m., on the 5th of November, the Electricity Museum “Casa da Luz”, located in the old Thermal Central of Funchal, will open the “Meia de Vidro” (Sock made of Glass) exhibition featuring artist António Costa, better known in the world of art as Acosta.

The artist revealed in a press release that through his design, he attempts to convey what seems “to be the key for attaining balance in our societies, my art is one of interrogation, it intends to stimulate the spectator to get to know his inner being and live with him/herself in harmony, only this way can harmony with the surrounding environment be attained, by living in harmony with oneself, and it is in this way that comes out what seems to me as the best frame of reference to illustrate the work titled “Meia de Vidro”. The display will be full of “innovative surprises” reflecting Acosta’s growth as an artist. Some of the pieces will only be there for the opening day.

Born in Elvas, the artist finished his undergraduate studies in Arts-Painting in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon in 2003 and already has many exhibitions in his résumé, “Outro dia Perfeito” at the Castle of St George, in Lisbon, 2002, and “Abluir” in the inauguration of the Centre for Culture and Conferences of Oporto, 2003, being worthy of mention.

Besides the Museum of Electricity, the artist is also sponsored by MaisClinic, Ipro Clinic, Bela Era H3, Slow, Stylist Lúcia Sousa and the terArte studio.