D.Beija Lagoon

Incorporated in the route of the Levada do Alecrim, this small lagoon is a spot of outstanding beauty.

There are many beautiful landscapes and off beaten tracks that are worth a visit on the island of Madeira. The mysticism and beauty of such places transport us to another world, leaving all the anxiety and stress behind in order to simply relish the moment.

One of the places worth a visit is the Lagoon of Dona Beija in Rabaçal up in the mountains of Calheta. Access to the lagoon must be made via the Levada do Alecrim which was built with the aim of capturing and transporting the river waters of Lajeado andAlecrim to the water chamber of the Hydroelectric Plant of Calheta.

The lagoon was the backdrop for the cover of this edition of Essential. The small waterfall flows into the lagoon, which subsequently follows to the other larger lagoon of the route, Lagoa do Vento.

For those wishing to visit the location, it is advisable to take swimwear as the water is ideal for a relaxing swim whilst you enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape of Madeira. The route of the Levada do Alecrim, including the crossing at Lagoa D.Beija, totals at 3km