MSC starts selling for Grandiosa

The first ship of the Meravglia-Plus generation will offer much entertainment.



MSC Cruises, the world's largest private cruise company, has just announced that they are starting to sell tickets for the MSC Grandiosa.To be inaugurated in November 2019, this ship will be sailing through the Western Mediterranean during its inaugural season.

"With its debut, MSC Grandiosa will be the fifth new MSC Cruise ship to join our fleet in just two and a half years. It represents a further evolution of the already huge success that the prototype Meraviglia is, which began to sail only nine months ago, "said Gianni Onorato, Chief Executive Officer of MSC Cruise.

Reservations will initially be available only in the first two weeks of March for MSC Voyagers Club members, MSC Cruises' customer loyalty program. Throughout this period, members of the MSC Voyagers Club receive a special discount of 5% additional to the usual 5% of loyalty discount, thus benefiting from the possibility of choosing the first available cabins.

Starting March 19, sales will be open to other customers. Until September 4, 2018, you can also enjoy a 5% discount for advanced booking.

The MSC Grandiosa will offer, among other novelties, two new Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows as part of a longstanding partnership between MSC Cruises and the world leader in artistic entertainment, Cirque du Soleil, created exclusively for the ship's customers.  

An even larger Mediterranean-style promenade will work with the ship's social centre with a large variety of specialty shops and restaurants as well as a new lounge and bar, the L 'Atelier Bistrot, which will ensure a stage, dance floor, exhibition Impressionist art and even a terrace space with tables and chairs in the style of the Parisian Bistrot on the Promenade. This promenade will be the stage of many a performance, be it night or day, including flash mobs and themed parties.

Alongside entertainment, travellers will also be able to customize and enhance their experience through MSC for Me, the industry-leading onboard digital innovation program. 

Other highlights of MSC Grandiosa include:

- Seven nights in the Western Mediterranean with stops at six ports: Genoa, Civitavecchia (Rome), Palermo, Valletta, Barcelona and Marseille. In each of these, travelers can enjoy a wide variety of on-shore activities, tailored to the needs of various types of passengers, from families to adventurous couples.

- New entertainment and activities for families created on the existing offer. The DOREMI Lab will offer new themes every day, while DOREMI Studio Lounge will focus on enabling children to enjoy the magic of music, with the opportunity to record music and be the stars in their own music videos.

- In terms of catering, there is the choice of at least 12 different restaurants, ranging from specialty restaurants to buffets. A new restaurant concept will be presented at the Promenade and will be exclusively for passengers who have booked the Aurea Experience.

Finally, the MSC Yacht Club will continue to offer the most exclusive cruise experience with an absolutely luxurious stay through the concept of a ship within another ship, such as the Top Sail lounge, the One Pool Deck and the exclusive restaurant and service.

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