The Dona Beja Fissure

Unknown until recently, the Dona Beja Fissure is a new attraction in Porto Santo.


There are places on Porto Santo that need no introduction. The nine kilometres of beach, the natural pools of Porto das Salemas and the view from the Portela belvedere are already part of the golden island's tourist list. However, there are others that are appearing now, unknown to most of the public, and which are starting to build a following.

The Dona Beja Fissure, located on Burros beach, near Porto dos Frades, is one such secret place that has recently gained strength as a local attraction.

It is a true work of art by nature. Between the huge cliffs, between five and ten metres high, and the small caves moulded by the wind and the golden-coloured waters, we are in the presence of a still 'virgin' place of unparalleled beauty. For the more adventurous, by following a winding entrance, one can gain another perspective of the gorge.

The 'discovery' of this little treasure was made in mid-June by Adriano Andrade, a forest ranger who has been on the island for five years. Since then, the Dona Beja Fissure has been gaining fans, among locals and tourists. It has been one of the must-see places and one of the most popular spots in the photos posted on social media.

Reaching this small paradise requires some care and physical strength. The access to the place is not signposted, so getting there can be a challenge. It is recommended to bring suitable and comfortable shoes for the walk, which is not appropriate for children and people with physical limitations. For everyone else, this is a place not to be missed in the north of the golden island.

On the way back, there is nothing quite like taking a dip in the clear-water beach of Porto Santo and delighting in the blessing of the sun.