"The Gift" at the Ponta do Sol celebrations

Banda returns to Madeira and celebrates celebration of the county


The City Council of Ponta do Sol had the initiative to incorporate the famous band "The Gift", on the day that celebrates the 517 years of the county.

A concert scheduled for September 8th, at 10:30 pm, with a totally free entrance, in the village of Ponta do Sol.

The album of this band, "Altar", has been recognized as a reference for the same, and considered one of the albums of the year.

Themes like "Love Without Violins," "Clinic Hope," and "Big Fish," are probably best known to the public.

The quartet has traveled the world, making known this album, from the USA, Germany, Holland, Spain, Brazil, not forgetting the Portuguese public.

The band stands out essentially in the live concerts, where they reveal their best, in unforgettable spectacles and full of energy.