TAP keeps flight to Porto Santo

Portuguese airline to ensure a weekly flight between Lisbon and the golden Island during the winter period.

Good news for the Region, specially for Porto Santo: unlike in the previous year, TAP will maintain its direct weekly flight between Lisbon and the golden Island during the IATA Winter season. This new schedule is set to begin on October 30th. 

Airlines usually reduce their offer in winter but this year, TAP has announced that it will increase the number of weekly flights in Oporto, Lisbon and the Azores, as well as that it will keep the aforementioned flight to Porto Santo. 

In Oporto, TAP has raised its offer on departures for Madrid; increasing its current single weekly flight twelvefold and doubling its current daily flight to Zurich, from one to two. These routes are operated with the Embraer E190 and allow for very convenient flight schedules with connections in the morning and late afternoon. Connections between Oporto and London also went through some changes so that flights will now be departing from London at the end of the day.

Where Lisbon is concerned, flights to Ponta Delgada have been doubled from one to two per day with the second flight leaving Lisbon late in the afternoon and ensuring a connection to Ponta Delgada in the morning. From Lisbon to Munich, the number of flights grows by two, to three daily flights, while to Paris, Orly and Barcelona, it grows by one.

TAP’s offer also doubles in flights for Casablanca, now with two flights a day while flights to Frankfurt grew from three to eight flights a week.

The airline will continue to offer long haul flights departing from Oporto to S. Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Newark two times a week.

Flights to all remaining destinations in Europe departing from the Francisco Sá Carneiro airport will remain in the same numbers as they have been offered in the current IATA summer, totalling 72 weekly flights, namely, to Genoa (14 flights a week), London (14), Paris Orly (21), Amsterdam (7), Luxembourg (4), Funchal (12) as well as the remaining weekly Oporto-Lisbon connections.

The flights to Miami, USA, are to increase from last winter’s three weekly flights to two daily ones.

Starting October 30th the ‘IATA Winter’ Schedule comes into effect. Worthy of mention is the increase of flights to Cape-Verde: to Praia, they grow from 6 to 11; to Sal, from 6 to 8 and to São Vicente from 3 to 4. Africa, compared to the same period, sees flights to Dakar grow from 7 to 10 a week, being that TAP will connect Lisbon to Luanda, for the first time ever, with flights in both ways, every night.

All in all, TAP stands to offer a grand total of 230 flights a week departing from Oporto to various cities in Portugal, Europe, the United States and Brazil.