Quinta da Serra turns green

This hotel is now the first one in Madeira to hold a biological certification for agricultural production.


Quinta da Serra has become the first hotel in Madeira to be biologically certified for both its agricultural production and dining services. The certification awarded to the hotel attests that the majority of produce grown on the estate the hotel is a part of are of biological origin and will not expire until June 2017.

Where dining is concerned, the hotel was already certified, in 2015, and was actually the first in Portugal to be so. Their certification is of ‘Bronze/ 30-60%’ level and is valid until June. The grading means that most of the products they serve are of biological origin.

The produce that earned the certificate are used exclusively in the meals served at the hotel. Adding to the inherent quality in it being biological, the produce also ensure ‘freshness for our dining services resulting in delighted guests, customers and friends’, as stated in a press release by Quinta da Serra.

Still in that release, the award of the biological certificate ‘comes out of a clear effort to make a difference via our product based on the Quality and Personalization of our services as well as on a strong Biological and Eco-friendly component complemented by a team of competent and efficient professionals.’

Quinta da Serra’s commitment to a biological side has been one of its trademarks since its reopening in 2014 and seeks to take advantage of the more than 345 acres of its estate placed in a more than 2624 feet high valley.