The 2017 L Concerts Edition

Twelve different concerts comprise the event promoted by Estalagem da Ponta do Sol spanning experimental Jazz, traditional Cape Verdean music, Rock, Punk, Indie and Contemporary Classical.

With another year comes another edition of the L Concerts as has come to be customary over the last eight years. And always in Estalagem da Ponta do Sol.

This year’s edition takes place between July 1st and September 23rd. In total, Estalagem da Ponta do Sol hosts 12 concerts ranging from experimental Jazz and traditional Cape Verdean music and also includes Rock, Punk, Indie and Contemporary Classical. Morocco, Cape Verde, England, Brazil and the United Stated are some of the countries represented at the 2017 L Concerts.

The opening concert was sung in creole by Ceuzany, Cape Verde’s best voice according to the Cape Verde Music Awards (CVMAs).

2017 brings with it some renowned names from the Portuguese music scene such as Sérgio Godinho & Filipe Cardoso (August 16th) and Carlos Bica & André Santos (August 23rd) but also a national debut, such as the case pf Sevdaliza (August 5th), a Dutch singer and composer.

As per usual, and in the spirit of maintaining the intimate feel of these concerts, those interested in attending must register by sending their names to the guest list. There is a mandatory consumption of minimum 7 euros.